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THE Daily Mail does it best – all those click bait stories on the right-hand site of the web site. I’ve fallen for it myself; down through the rabbit hole of Kim Kardashian’s arse only to emerge a few days later feeling somewhat dirty and swindled.

As many of my friends and colleagues in journalism will attest, I have described these so-called yarns in the past as Kylie’s Bum stories. You can’t NOT click on them and yet you already know they’re going to be spurious, specious and, in their way, hideously attractive.

Also, one of my more successful restaurant reviews (at the newly opened Danks Street Depot) from the Sydney Morning Herald came about because I described a dish as “like 10,000 Kylie Minogues pole-dancing on your tongue”.

So when it came to setting up a site for some of my own more adult ramblings, away from my author website, what better name to draw people in? What you’ll find here are some of the stories I’ve written over the years as well as, I hope, some new stuff. I’ll start you off with the story of Karl Abercrombie and Christmas Carol.

What you won’t find here are pictures of Kylie’s bum. For that, you have to go here.

With love and stuff,